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This is a list of all known performances by John Medeski, Billy Martin & Chris Wood that are downloadable from the Live Music Archive. (These are all shows where they were part of another band or were a guest for a song or more. At the present time, MMW doesn't allow their shows to be hosted on LMA.)

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Date Artist Venue Setlist Time Links
3/18/1994John Medeski & Billy Martinguest with Aquarium Rescue Unit, Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA8 songs: Fixin' To Die*, Shoeless Joe*, No Reason To Complain*, No Egos Under Water*, Elevator To The Moon*+, Zambiland*+ > Space Is The Place*+; Encore: Workin' On A Building*+; * with John Medeski; + with Billy Martin61:06 54:23LMA 131254 t t s
10/5/1996John Medeskiguest with moe., Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY1 song: Buster18:3634484 LMA s
11/22/1998Chris WoodNorth Mississippi Allstars, Liberty Hall, Lawrence, KSOne Set Only: Shimmy She Wobble > Preachin' Blues > Power, My Babe, Shake Em On Down > Power Jam (Reprise) > Shake Em On Down, KC Jones, Drop Down Mama, Someday Baby, Drums/Jam > Snake Drive > Jam; Opened for MMW42:06126177 t LMA s
5/17/1999John MedeskiProject Logic, Wetlands, New York, NYSet 1: Improv; Set 2: Improv; with Skoota Warner (drums), Melvin Gibbs (bass), Fuzz (guitar), John Medeski (organ, keys), Steven Bernstein (trumpet, slide trumpet), Briggan Krauss (alto sax) & Josh Rosemnan (trombone)134:57 148:46 148:4687487 t 87488 t LMA t s
5/19/1999John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Playtime StudiosVision Of Kali, Loop Garov, Improv, Vishnu Dub, So Below; Mike Rivard, Erik Kerr, Jerry Leake, Jere Faison, Brahim Fribgane, Mat Maneri, John Medeski & DJ Logic37:20LMA
5/27/1999John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MASet 1 Only: Improv-"Underworld", Left Hand Of Clyde, Improv, Bass Beatbox, Beat Improv, Taint 2, As Above79:07LMA s
11/21/1999Chris WoodProject Logic, Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RINo Setlist Available; DJ Logic (turntables), Scotty Hard (guitar), Melvin Gibbs (bass), Leon Lamonty (drums), Casey Benjamin (sax, keyboards, flute) & special guest: Chris Wood (acoustic & electric basses)59:3365906 LMA s
4/20/2000John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Knitting Factory, New York, NYSet 1: Improv > Now I Understand > Trance Meeting > Samba Morocco > Make Me The Sargeant/Down In The Hole, Jungle Adagio > Down In The Wormhole, Left Hand Of Clyde; Set 2: Improv > Invisible Landscape, Route of the Root, Bass Beatbox > Fire In The Brain > Improv > Bass Beatbox > Ektal > As Above > Actual Smiles207:594594 LMA s
5/7/2000John MedeskiProject Logic, Tipitina's Uptown, New Orleans, LAOne Set Only: Miles Invocation > Go, Beanie Man > Gig 1 > Dub Joint, Comin' To Getcha, NOLA Stomp, Mull > Beat, Bounce > The Project Runs the Voodoo Down > Orbital, Aw Yeah, Bubblehouse; Encore: Jam > Chameleon, Jam, NOLA Stomp Reprise163:3165891 LMA s
5/8/2000John MedeskiProject Logic, Tipitina's, New Orleans, LANo Setlist Available119:5465909 LMA s
8/10/2000MMWguests with Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Cape Cod Melody Tent, Hyannis, MA3 songs: Outbound*, Hoe Down*, Jam**; * with John Medeski; ** with MMW27:31 31:413746 t LMA s
2/22/2001John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MASet 1: Left Hand of Clyde > Big Light In The Sky > Challaba (Gnawa), Actual Smiles > As Above, Shadow's Shift; Set 2: Softly > Bass Beatbox > Howara > Last Business > Get A Little Turning > Divine Invasion162:07LMA -3961- s
2/23/2001John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Club Helsinki, Great Barrington, MAOne Set Only: Left Hand Of Clyde, Big Light In The Sky, Challaba, Roote Of The Root, Shadows Shift > Gator Shadow, Last Business; Set 2: Bass Loop Intro > Dream Wanderer > Make Me The Sargeant/Down In The Hole > Down In The Wormhole, Bass > Howara > Actual Smiles > Fire In The Brain, The Tingler143:154450 LMA s
2/24/2001John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, MAOne Set Only: Scorpionic > Big Light In The Sky > Salvia > Clownburger > Bass Beatbox, As Above > Make Me The Sergeant (Down In The Hole)* > Fire In The Brain > Left Hand Of Clyde pt. 1-3; * with Richard Zukowski-Spoken Word133:215643 LMA s
2/26/2001John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Vassar College Chapel, Poughkeepsie, NYOne Set Only: Big Light In Sky, The Tingler, Sidi Rabi, Scorpionic, Stigmata, Jungle Adagio, Last Business, Challaban, Shadow's Shift93:28LMA s
2/28/2001John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Tonic, New York, NYEarly Show: The Tingler > Big Light In Sky, Sidi Rabi, Make Me The Sergeant (Down In The Hole)*, Left Hand Of Clyde; Late Show: Scorpionic > Bass Beatbox > Last Business > Jungle Adagio, Challahba, As Above > Vision Of Kali, Shadow's Shift; Soundcheck: Challahba, Vision Of Kali; * with Richard Zukowski on Poetry Recitation215:5910462 LMA s
4/11/2001Chris WoodKarl Denson & Chris Wood, EMU Ballroom, Eugene, OROne Set Only: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown; Karl & Chris were going to open for Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, but Chris' plane was delayed, so this took place in between sets of KDTU22:50LMA s
4/11/2001Chris Woodguest with Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, EMU Ballroom, Eugene, OR5 songs (?): Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Tenor Man; Encore: Tar Baby49:36LMA s
4/25/2001John Medeski & Chris Woodguest with Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, The Joint @ Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV2 songs: The Rumpwinder*, Who Are You**; * with Chris Wood; ** with John Medeski & Chris Wood92:5010506 LMA s
5/11/2001John MedeskiRobert Randolph & the Family Band, Walker Street Stage, New York, NYOne Set Only: Voodoo Chile, I'll Take You There*, I'll Fly Away+, Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)+^%, I Need More Love+^, I Shall Not Be Moved+^, Inner City Blues+^; * with Lanesha Randolph on lead vocal; + with Tony Trischka on banjo; ^ with Josh Roseman on trombone; % with Jpat on harmonica; Marc Ribot & John Medeski played the entire set98:56115021 LMA s
10/27/2001John Medeski & Chris Woodguest with String Cheese Incident, RPI Fieldhouse, Troy, NY2 songs: Impressions > Superstition30:26 30:23 30:47 29:36LMA 5841 105611 t t LMA s
11/20/2001Chris WoodStanton Moore, Big Apple Unity Jam, BB King's, New York, NYSet 1: Unknown, Fire on the Bayou, Cissy Strut > Look Ka Py Py, Unknown, Change Reform; Set 2: Unknown, Hype & The Hooplah, People Say, Unknown, Red Hot Mama, Hey Pocky Way; Encore: When Your Go To New Orleans136:16 128:4116792 t LMA s
2/7/2002John Medeski & Billy MartinDJ Logic - Trios, Knitting Factory, New York, NY2nd trio (DJ Logic, Charlie Hunter, & Billy Martin): Herb Man intro jam > 1st jam > 2nd jam > 3rd jam, Logic spinnin'; 3rd trio (DJ Logic, Mike Gordon, & John Medeski): 1st jam > 2nd jam > 3rd jam, 4th jam, 5th jam > 6th jam50:16 50:16t 81402 t LMA s
3/17/2002Chris WoodStanton Moore ["Flyin' The Koop" Tour], 9:30 Club, Washington, DCSet 1: Nobody's Blues, Unknown, Let's Go, Fallin Off The Floor, Prairie Sunset; Set 2: Unknown, Unknown, Tang The Hump, Unknown, Tchefunkta, Unknown, Sprung Monkey, Good Times Bad Times > War Pigs > Good Times Bad Times, Heavy Metal/Ending154:13 154:1318223 t LMA LMA s
3/21/2002Chris WoodStanton Moore ["Flyin' The Koop" Tour], Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, COOne Set Only: Recognizable Fusion Riff > Hunch, Tang The Hump, Prairie Sunset, For The Record, Good Times Bad Times, War Pigs55:2517403 LMA s
3/21/2002Chris Woodguest with String Cheese Incident, Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO3 songs: Jam* > Footprints* > Jam; * with Stanton Moore (percussion), Skerik (saxophone), Brian Seeger (guitar), John Ellis (saxophone)47:06 31:45 31:448491 83357 t 15827 -8425- -8562- LMA LMA s
3/24/2002John MedeskiClub d'Elf, State Theatre, Falls Church, VASet 1: Bass Beatbox > Mogador > Shadow's Shift > Scorpionic; Set 2: The Tingler > Big Light In Sky, Sidi Rabi, Challahba, Left Hand Of Clyde154:338901 LMA s
3/25/2002John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Star Hill Music Hall, Charlottesville, VASet 1: Mogador > Bass Beatbox > Quilty; Set 2: Left Hand Of Clyde > The Tingler > Big Light In Sky, Sidi Rabi; Encore: Shadow's Shift144:12 142:4710523 10717 LMA LMA s
3/26/2002John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Asheville Music Zone, Asheville, NCSet 1: Bass Beatbox > Scorpionix > Mogador, The Tingler > Big Light In Sky, Sidi Rabi; Set 2: Left Hand Of Clyde > New 9 > Left Hand Of Clyde > Quilty, Challahba177:41 177:12 170:458872 67513 LMA LMA LMA s
3/26/2002Chris WoodStanton Moore ["Flyin' The Koop" Tour], Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz, CANo Setlist Available170:59 16800 t LMA s
3/29/2002John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NCSet 1: Left Hand Of Clyde > Dreams Met (Yes) > Bass Beatbox > Moroccan Tune > Sidi Rabi; Set 2: The Tingler > Mogador > Trance Meeting, Challahba147:029312 LMA s
3/31/2002John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Mercury Lounge, New York, NYSet 1: Left Hand Of Clyde > Scorpionic > Quilty > Dreams Met (Yes) > Moroccan Tune, Challahba; Set 2: The Tingler > Route Of The Root > Big Light In Sky > Sidi Rabi, Bass Beatbox169:259259 LMA s
5/2/2002Chris WoodStanton Moore, Tower Records Jazzfest (In-Store Performance), New Orleans, LAOne Set Only: Hamp's Hump, Let's Go, Magnolia Triangle, For the Record43:54 43:4828050 t 16796 LMA s
5/22/2002John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Private Party, Zukowski's Home, Otis, MASet 1: Slow 7 > Big Light In Sky, Clownburger > Dreams Met (Yes) > Bass beatbox > E Thing > Mogador* > Clownburger (Coda); Set 2: The Tingler, Fire In The Brain > Left Hand Of Clyde > Last Business > New 3; * with Richard Zukowski on spoken word192:029589 LMA s
8/8/2002John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Harper's Ferry, Allston, MASet 1: Bass Beatbox > E Thing > As Above > Left Hand Of Clyde > Quilty, Sidi Rabi; Set 2: The Tingler >Big Light In Sky, Shadow's Shift; Soundcheck: Fire In The Brain / Gnawa Tune124:5311397 LMA s
9/21/2002Chris WoodNOLA Jamsters, Chelsea's Cafe, Baton Rouge, LAOne Set Only: Nobody's Blues > Unknown > Sprung Monkey > I Want You (She's So Heavy), James Brown, Bemsha Swing > Grant Slant, Whipping Post; Brian Seeger (guitar), Tim Green (saxs), Brian Coogan (keys), Chris Wood (bass) & Stanton Moore (drums)107:53 160:02LMA 144291 t s
12/19/2002Billy MartinBilly Martin, DJ Logic & Rob Wasserman, Mercury Lounge, New York, NYBilly Martin, DJ Logic, Rob Wasserman & Fareed Haque; Ropeadope New Music Seminar36:43LMA s
7/2/2003John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston, MAOne Set Only: Bass Beatbox > Moroccan Tune, Brahim Tune, Gnawa Tune (Howara) > Trance Meeting > Mogador > The Tingler, Sidi Rabi118:59 139:0319371 t LMA s
8/12/2003John MedeskiRopeadope New Music Seminar; DJ Logic, John Medeski & Stanton Moore, Bowery Ballroom, New York, NYSwamp Road, Improv, Improv#, Improv#, Improv*, Improv*, Improv*, Improv*, Improv*, Improv*, Improv*, Improv*, Improv*, Lady* > Improv* > Stanton Moore Drum Solo; # with Skerik; * with Skerik (saxaphonics), Jessica Lurie (sax), Cheme Gastelum (alto sax), Jordan McLean (trumpet), Adam Deitch (drums*, Joe Russo (drums)115:37LMA s
9/5/2003John Medeskiguest with String Cheese Incident, Red Rocks, Morrison, CO2 songs: Jellyfish > Birdland34:03 34:0319429 19761 LMA LMA s
5/26/2004John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Tonic, New York, NYEarly Show: Bass Beatbox > Scorpionic > Untitled Song, Chalabah; Late Show: Dream Wanderer > The Tingler > Big Light in the Sky#, As Above#, Trance Meeting#, Sidi Rabi, Untitled Song^; # with Joshua Roseman on trombone; ^ with Richard Zukowski on spoken word, without Marc Ribot157:15t LMA s
7/11/2004John MedeskiNorth Mississippi All Stars, All Good Summer Festival, Marvin's Mountain Top, Masontown, WVOne Set Only: Freedom Highway > Deep Blue Sea > Po Black Maddie > Skinny Woman > Po Black Maddie, Be So Glad > Goin Home, Lord Have Mercy, Ship > Leavin', Come Back Baby*, Washboard Jam; * with Cody on guitar and vocals & Luther on drums83:0927534 t LMA s
12/9/2004John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MAEarly Show: Left Hand Of Clyde, Al Kalma > Life Of The Mind > Scorpionic > Berber Song, Cave Man > Bass Beatbox > Ah Ya Win A Win, End Of Firpo; Late Show: Tingler > Jar Of Hair, As Above, Sidi Rabi, Trance Meeting > Route Of The Root > Mogador > Big Light In Sky > Fire In The Brain > Sha'abi Jam / Berber Song Reprise244:45LMA s
12/10/2004John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Club Helsinki, Great Barrington, MASet 1: Dream Wanderer > Mogador, Berber Song, Unknown Zukowski Song*, Eastern Skies (??), Scorpionic, Big Light in the Sky; Set 2: The Tingler, Left Hand Of Clyde (part 1) > Improv > Sidi Rabi, Improv > Unknown162:40LMA s
12/13/2004John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Tonic, New York, NYNo Setlist Available194:52LMA s
2/10/2005John Medeski

guest with moe., Tsunami Relief Benefit, Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY6 songs: Mexico, Plane Crash, Got My Mojo Work'n, Meat; Encore: Peaches En Regalia > After Midnight82:17 83:20 82:51 87:4728561 t t LMA 34355 LMA LMA LMA -76981- s
3/31/2005John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Coda, New York, NYSet 1: Bass Beatbox > Moroccan Tune > Scorpionic, Challaba, Dream Wanderer > E Thing, Mogador; Set 2: Trance Meeting > Untitled Groove > ? > Sidi Rabi, Shadow's Shift149:19LMA s
6/24/2005John MedeskiClub d'Elf, E'Odwyers, Saratoga Springs, NYNo Setlist Available170:54LMA s
8/3/2005John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Tap Bar, New York, NYNo Setlist Available145:52LMA s
10/12/2006John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MAEarly Show: Bass Beatbox, Life of the Mind, Berber Song, Salvia, Jar of Hair, Softly, Sand; Late Show: Funky 6, The Tingler, Caveman, Quilty, Improv, Fire in the Brain, Big Light in the Sky216:0579463 t LMA s
10/20/2006John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Club Helsinki, Great Barrington, MANo Setlist Available188:5389629 t LMA s
10/28/2006John MedeskiPhil & Trey, Vegoose Festival, Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, NVSet 1: Jam, Ghost, What's Become Of The Baby, Cryptical Envelopment, The Other One, Driftin', Jam, Jam, Dark Star, Mountains Of The Moon, 46 Days, Mountains Of The Moon, Jam, St. Stephen, Jam, The Eleven, Jam, Plasma; Set 2: Space > Jam > Dark Star > One For The Rose > Dark Star > Wharf Rat > I Know You Rider; Encore: Donor Rap / Band Intros, Viola Lee Blues, Here Comes Sunshine > Shine 212:39 (216:04)79726 t 79728 t 85721 t LMA LMA LMA s
10/29/2006John MedeskiPhil & Trey, Vegoose Festival, Double Down Stage, Las Vegas, NVOne Set Only: Shakedown Street, Sweet Dreams Melinda, Row Jimmy, Let it Ride, Sleep Again, Like a Rolling Stone, Back On The Train*, Bird Song, Help On The Way > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower; Encore: Donor Rap/Band Intros, Not Fade Away; * with Mike Gordon on banjo & Trey's guitar122:25 122:02 121:22 121:42 122:13 121:45 121:43 121:4879729 t t 79730 t 80851 t 80839 80837 80838 LMA LMA LMA LMA LMA LMA t s
10/6/2007Chris Woodguest with Yonder Mountain String Band, The Congress Theatre, Chicago, IL1 song: Kentucky Mandolin6:44 9:47 10:44 10:46 10:46LMA t 88225 t 87669 LMA LMA LMA LMA s
1/23/2008Chris Woodguest with G. Love and Special Sauce, The Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY1 song: Walk On The Wild Side; with Oliver Wood10:17 9:46LMA t s
2/22/2008Billy Martinguest with Club d'Elf, The Stone Church, Newmarket, NH1 song: Ash17:52 17:50LMA LMA s
3/13/2008John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MAEarly Show: Countdown, Scorpionic, As Above, Wish I Was In Heaven, Unknown, Unknown, Us And Them, Dream Wanderer, End Of Firpo, Ash; Late Show: Salvia, Big Light In The Sky, Africa, Pharoah, Sand, Shadow's Shift, Berber Song, Sunshine Of Your Love230:29 224:33 230:29 227:45LMA t 121998 t LMA t s
5/1/2008Billy MartinGlobal Noize, Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans, LADJ Logic-turntables,effects, Jason Miles-keyboards, Billy Martin-drums, Christian Scott-trumpet, Karl Denson-saxophone,flute, Bernie Worrell-keyboards, Topaz-saxophone, Carl Burnett-guitar & Oteil Burbridge-bass; One Set Only: Unknown, Bollyhood*, Unknown, Unknown, The Souk*, Planetary Beat, A Jam 4 Joe*; Encore: Spice Island; * with Falu on vocals105:26 103:22LMA t LMA t s
10/17/2008Chris Woodguest with Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC1 song: Jet Airliner; with Oliver Wood4:42LMA s
11/3/2008John MedeskiPhil Lesh & Friends, Headcount "Get Out The Vote" Party, Highline Ballroom, New York, NYOne Set Only: Franklin's Tower, For What It's Worth, Turn On Your Lovelight30:29 30:2996063 95906 LMA LMA s
11/3/2008John Medeskiguest with Disco Biscuits, Headcount "Get Out The Vote" Party, Highline Ballroom, New York, NY1 song: Home Again13:31 13:31LMA LMA
11/3/2008John Medeskiguest with Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Headcount "Get Out The Vote" Party, Highline Ballroom, New York, NY2 songs: Higher Ground*, Stand; * with Joss Stone on vocals10:05 10:48LMA LMA
3/21/2009John MedeskiWill Bernard Band, The Roxy, Los Angeles, CASet 1: 571, Blister, Baby Goats, Fast Fun, Gen Pop, (Who Ate The) Layer Cake?, Gonzo; Set 2: Mojet, Magpie, Blue Plate Special, Nooksack, Awanna, Fuck You Guys; Encore: Day Tripper133:03 133:27LMA t LMA s
3/22/2009John MedeskiWill Bernard Band, The Oriental Theater, Denver, COSet 1: 571, Blister, Baby Goats, Fast Fun, Unknown, Gonzo, (Who Ate The) Layer Cake?; Set 2: Mojet, Magpie, How Great Thou Art, Blue Plate Special, Nooksack, Gen Pop, You Haven't Done Nothin', Fuck You Guys; Encore: Day Tripper145:21LMA t t
3/26/2009John MedeskiWill Bernard Band, Highline Ballroom, New York, NYSet 1: 571, Baby Goats, Fast Fun, Frontwinder, Hot Tamale, Awanna, Fuck You Guys; Set 2: Mojet, Magpie, Blue Juice, High Heeled Sneakers, Blue Plate Special, (Who Ate The) Layer Cake?; Encore: How Great Thou Art, Day Tripper137:35 137:35LMA LMA
8/1/2009John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Bellaterra Art, Music and Culture Festival, Bogie's Steakhouse, Great Barrington, MAOne Set Only: Intro, Shadow's Shift, Wet Bones, The Tingler, Berber Song, Instar, Papone, Life Of The Mind, Sidi Rabi113:23 113:23LMA LMA
1/2/2010Billy MartinMarco Benevento Trio, Sullivan Hall, New York, NYMarco Benvento (piano), Dave Dreiwitz (bass) & Billy Martin (drums); One Set Only: Unknown, Unknown, The Real Morning Party > Birthday Boy, Birthday Boy (Reprise) > Happy Birthday To You > Twin Killers, Unknown, Steel Drum Solo > Unknown > The Real Morning Party (Reprise), Baby Bitch67:49 67:49 68:47 68:47LMA LMA LMA LMA
12/18/2010John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Shibuya WWW, Tokyo, JapanNo Setlist Available159:43LMA
4/8/2011John MedeskiClub d'Elf, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PASet 1: Sand, Scorpionic, Zeed Al Maal, Kalimba; Set 2: Power Plant, Madrecita, Sidi Rabi, Berber Song, Instar130:38116968 t LMA s
4/9/2011John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Club Helsinki, Hudson, NYSet 1: Sand > Hegaz > Madrecita, Ambib, The Tingler > Berber Song; Set 2: Sidi Rabi, Zeed Al Maal (with Kalimba jam) > Mogador, Instar175:55 175:55LMA t LMA t
4/22/2011John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MAEarly Show: Sand, Bass Beat Box, Scorpionic, Bass Kalimba Jam, As Above, Berber Song Sidi Rabi; Late Show: Instar, Hegaz, Caveman, Bass Kalimba Jam, Power Plant > Ecstatic Cling, I Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down211:00 211:44 211:44116971 t LMA LMA s
5/3/2011Billy MartinJohnny Vidacovich Trio, D.B.A., New Orleans, LAJazz Fest Late Night; Set 1: Careful Who You Idolize > It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing > Improv* > I Don't Know* > Happy Birthday To Robert*; Set 2: Snakes & Spiders, Maple Plank, 34 Small, Don't Be Squeezin' My Heart, Unknown, Tequila, Unknown; Encore: Dr. Watson > Hot Coffee > You Are My Sunshine; The Trio: Johnny Vidacovich, Billy Martin & Robert Walter; * with Mark Southerland; ^ Robert Walter missed the first set because he had to go borrow an organ from someone190:23LMA
12/11/2011John MedeskiClub d'Elf, (le) poisson rouge, New York, NYOne Set Only: Scorpionic > Sand > Instar, Challaban*, Allal*, Hassan song #1+, Hassan song #2+ -> Hassan song #3+^, End Of Firpo, Zeed al Maal*, Sidi Rabi; * with Hassan Hakmoun (sintir, percussion, vocals) & Said Damir (percussion, vocals); + just Hassan, Said & Chikako; ^ also with Brahim; Club d'Elf: John Medeski (keys, piano, melodica), Brahim Fribgane (oud, percussion, vocals), Mister Rourke (turntables), Matt Kilmer (acoustic & electric percussion), Mike Rivard (basses, sintir, bass kalimba, fearless leader, humble narrator) & Dean Johnston (drums)132:23 132:23 132:01 132:01LMA t LMA t LMA LMA s
11/16/2012John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Club Helsinki, Hudson, NYNo Setlist Available156:34LMA
3/14/2013John Medeskiguest with Soulive, Brooklyn Bowl (Bowlive IV - Night 6), Brooklyn, NY7 songs: Set 2: Cannonball*+, Spark*+ > Povo*+^, Nubian Lady*+, Liquid*+, Nautilus*+%; Encore: Tuesday Night Squad*+; * with John Medeski - organ, fender rhodes & Bill Evans - saxes; + with Shady Horns: Ryan Zoidis - tenor/baritone sax/percussion, James Casey - tenor sax/flute/percussion, & Eric Bloom - trumpet/percussion; ^ with Natalie Cressman - trombone; % with Questlove - drums100:25 100:25126448 t t LMA LMA s
5/23/2013John MedeskiThe M & Ms, Winter Jazzfest, (le) poisson rouge, New York, NYSet 1: Here Comes The Preacher, Harder They Come, Smokin' At Tips, African Gumbo, Guilded Splinters > Bottle Up And Go*, Honeybee, Next To You; Set 2: Smacksie, Keep Happy, Gator Bait^, Paranoid^, Mary Jane^, I'm A Ram^ > How Many More Times^; Encore: Teacher^; * with Bobby Paltauf - guitar (13 year-old kid); ^ with Will Bernard - Guitar; John Medeski - organ/piano/keys, Papa Mali - guitar & vocals, Robert Mercurio - bass & Stanton Moore - drums150:27 150:27 148:04LMA LMA t
6/21/2013John MedeskiClub d'Elf, Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MAEarly Show: Bass Beatbox, Wist, Jewel House, Zeed Al Maal, Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down, Instar, Dark Fish; Late Show: Scorpionic, As Above, Berber Song, Sand, Power Plant, Big Light In The Sky, Mogador, Shadow's Shift200:17 200:17 200:05 200:05LMA LMA LMA LMA
8/17/2013John MedeskiAnders Osborne with Special Guest John Medeski, Equifunk Festival, Equinunk, PAOne Set Only: Echoes of My Sins > Back On Dumaine > Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad > Had My Reasons > Me & Lola > Mind Of A Junkie, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, On The Road To Charlie Parker79:34 79:34LMA LMA
3/4/2014Billy MartinBrooklyn Bowl Mardi Gras All Star Brass Band, Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NYOne Set Only: Intro, Second Line To The Stage, Charlie Dozen, Snowball, Who Took The Happiness Out, Muffaletta, Blackbird Special, Tchfunkta, Satin Sheets, Sam Huff's Flying Ragin' Machine#*+, Let It Gogo#*+, Feel Like Funkin' It Up*, Buck It Like A Horse*+, Shmeeans Kuti*+; The Mardi Gras All Star Brass Band is Skerik (saxophone, MC), Billy Martin (drums), Adam Shmeeans Smirnoff (guitar), Joe Scatassa (tuba, sousaphone), Ryan Zoidis (saxes), Eric Bloom (trumpet) & Raymond Mason (trombone); # with Adam Deitch (drums) (no Billy); * with Erick Jesus Coomes (electric bass); + with Neal Evans (Hammond B3 organ)136:00 137:50 137:50127278 t 127334 t 127335 t LMA LMA s
1/13/2017John MedeskiClub d'Elf CD Release Party with special guest John Medeski, Columbus Theatre, Providence, RISet 1: Mogador, Hegaz, Masada, Zeed Al Maal, A Toy For A Boy; Set 2: Power Plant, Gator, Hungry Ghosts, Berber Song, Sidi Rabi144:03 141:11LMA t
1/14/2017John MedeskiClub d'Elf CD Release Party with special guest John Medeski, Club Helsinki, Hudson, NYSet 1: Power Plant, Life Of The Mind, Salvia, Big Light In The Sky, Slowly Fading Out Of Sight, Pacing Like Prince; Set 2: Masada, Zeed Al Maal, The Tingler, Berber Song151:58LMA
5/1/2017John MedeskiJohnny Vidacovich, John Medeski & Adam Deitch, Maple Leaf Bar, New Orleans, LALate Nite: 3:00-6:00 AM (technically Monday morning)LMA
7/15/2017Chris WoodWood Brothers, Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GAOne Set Only: Stumbled In, Tried And Tempted, I Got Loaded, Snake Eyes, Shoofly Pie, Atlas, Postcards From Hell, Honey Jar, Luckiest Man; Hot Tuna played first, then Wood Brothers opened for Tedeschi Trucks Band48:58LMA

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